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In every industry, water is used in one form or other. Water is mainly used as a cooling medium in industries for equipment like heat exchangers, compressors, radiators, chillers, spot welding guns, diesel generator sets, furnaces, condensers, etc. As we all know untreated water can cause harm to the equipments and waterlines as it contains impurities like dissolved, suspended solids and biological micro-organisms. Due to these impurities, it causes a problem like scaling, corrosion, algae and fungi deposits.

The main purpose of treating cooling water is to overcome the above said problems, which otherwise, leads to harmful effects like loss of heat transfer, puncturing of waterlines, pitting, irregular flow of water, reduced efficiency of cooling system, breakdown and finally, lower life of the equipment.

Antiscalant : MAX – 100

Scales in the cooling system are formed due to the salts like bi-carbonates and carbonates of calcium and magnesium which are present in water. As the temperature of the water rises, the bicarbonates decomposes to carbonates which in turn precipitates on metallic surfaces of cooling systems as scales. Silica, magnesium alkalinities, calcium sulphates, dissolved solids, rate of heat transfer and PH of the water, are the other parameters which accelerates the scale formation.

In addition to the above said parameters corrosion is also a major problem. The metals suffer corrosion when it comes in contact with water due to oxidation. The factors which results in corrosion are dissolved oxygen, free carbon dioxide content, PH factor etc., MAX - 100 is a strong formulation which inhibits scale & corrosion. Regular dosing of MAX - 100 can control further scale formations.

Biocides : MAX - 200 & MAX – 300

Algae and fungus are formed due to the exposure to sunlight of the cooling systems. This formation causes loss of heat transfer when it gets blocked in the water lines. These organisms escape into water tubes, pipelines and form a thin layer of slime which will have an adverse effect on heat transfer. The rate of growth of algae increases in the open cooling system, when compared to the closed systems. Further algae and fungus destroy the cooling systems as it blocks the spray nozzles which results in reduced flow of water. Our algae control chemical inhibits further algae formation.

Chemical control of biological growths involves killing or inhibiting the growth of these organisms. MAX - 200 & MAX - 300 are powerful biocides to arrest the growth of algae and fungi. It is also very effective against iron bacteria and thus prevents rusting. It can be administered in shock dosage to kill the growth of algae. It can also be used in lower concentrations to inhibit the growth of micro-organisms. Prevention of growth of algae & fungi results in improved efficiency of the cooling systems by reducing heat transfer losses.

Why our Water Treatment chemicals ?

✔ It is effective for all type of micro-organisms like algae, fungi, bacteria etc.

✔ It is non - corrosive and will not effect any part of the equipment.

✔ It is stable over wide range of pH and temperature

✔ It doesn’t deactivate in the presence of contaminants like Ammonia, Nitrogen compound and oils, if any

✔ As it is in liquid form, it is easy to dose

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